To be or not to be DevOps

I’ve found some time ago an article that was questioning the necessity and utility of being a DevOps.
While I’m not 100% agreeing with the conclusion from the title of the article, because I’m myself involved in this domain (while also coming from the programming field), I must admit that the presented mistakes should be 100% taken into account:

  • DevOps doesn’t make specialists obsolete.
  • Developers can learn systems and operations, but nothing beats experience.
  • Operations people can learn development too, but again, nothing beats experience.
  • Operations and development have historically be separated for a reason – there are compromises you must make if you integrate the two.
  • Tools and automation are not enough.
  • Developers have to want DevOps. Operations have to want DevOps. At the same time.
  • Using “DevOps” to save money by reducing staff will blow up in your face.
  • You can’t have DevOps and still have separate operations and development teams. Period.

Let me stop for one moment and share another lesson I’ve learned: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Here you can find the link to the entire article:


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